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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amavida by Gabriel and Co.

One of the most enduring trends in engagement rings over the past twenty years has been "antique" style engagement rings.  Many young ladies want a ring with lasting appeal, but not all of them want something simple such as a solitaire engagement ring, or a ring with side stones.  For this reason, designers today are creating an endless array of styles with antique details such as engraving and filigree to satisfy consumer tastes.  Gabriel and Company's latest bridal collection named "Amavida" is a perfect example of how these small details can create jewelry that looks timeless and truly one of a kind.  Amavida, which translates to "love for life", is an all 18K and Platinum collection of rings that feature a high degree of detail to fit the unique tastes of that special lady in your life.  The entire Amavida collection is available to be viewed on our website.  Just click the link below to start searching for the ring that will solidify the love for life that every couple strives to achieve in their marriage.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Let's face it, most men today could care less what material their wedding band is made of.  If it weren't for their fiances, many men would probably choose not to wear a ring at all.  They probably figure they could use the extra money to buy a bigger better wedding band for the bride, right?  While it's hard to imagine a woman turning down a more expensive band for themselves, the truth is that they will probably pass up this opportunity to see that ring on their husbands' left hands.  So how do you get a wedding band for yourself and still have the budget to buy her the ring of her dreams too?  The answer lies in alternatives metals.

When the price of gold and platinum started it's historic climb in the early 2000's many men just sucked it up and paid more for bands that matched the metals of their fiances engagement ring/wedding band.  However, this quickly became a problem as their ladies were being forced to sacrifice the quality of their own bands in order to afford to get a ring for him as well.  This is when the jewelry industry came out with a solution in the form of inexpensive metals like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, black zirconium, and various ceramic materials.  Sure these materials didn't have the same allure as the traditional gold and platinum, but many of them can imitate their more expensive counterparts for a fraction of the price.  In fact, most of these materials are actually harder and more durable than gold and platinum.  Perfect for the active man who often forgets to take care of his wedding band.  

Sydney Rosen Company has a large selection of Cobalt, Tungsten,  and Titanium men's bands that are sure to satisfy your fiances wishes without breaking your bank.  Available in many colors and tones, these rings combine fashion and function, and are a symbol of the enduring love and sacrifice that keep all marriages together.  

Click on the link below to view our online collection of Alternative Metal Wedding Bands, more are available in-store.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother's Rings

Mother's Day is around the corner, and a Mothers Ring is the perfect gift that is sure to be beloved by any mother or grandmother.  A Mothers Ring is a ring containing the birthstones of the wearers children or grandchildren.  Mothers Rings are special not only because they are beautiful, but because each stone in the ring has significance to the wearer.  Owners of Mothers rings often use them as conversation starters to talk about their families.  Some mothers even use them in place of the traditional wallet photos.  These rings hold special places in the hearts of their owners, sometimes even more so than their wedding jewelry, since these rings tell the story of their entire lives!  Birthstones can vary based on various traditions, however the most common birthstones for each month are as follows:

January: Garnet (Deep Red)
February:  Amethyst (Purple)
March:  Aquamarine (Light Blue)
April:  Diamond (Colorless)
May:  Emerald (Green)
June:  Pearl (White)
July:  Ruby (Red)
August:  Peridot (Yellowish Green)
September:  Sapphire (Blue)
October:  Opal (Multi-Color)
November:  Citrine (Orange)
December:  Turquoise (Greenish Blue)

In addition, there are some months that have alternate birthstones that are also commonly used.  These include Alexandrite or Smoky Quartz for June, Tourmaline for October, and Blue Topaz for December.  These gemstones, though less widely known, also make for beautiful mothers rings. has a page to create your own mothers rings using either genuine or simulated gemstones.  Click the link below to begin creating the perfect Mother's Day gift today!

Design Your Own Mother's Ring