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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saltwater vs Freshwater Pearls

June is just a few days away!  With the "unofficial" official first month of summer comes Pearls.  Not just the birthstone for June, but a fun beach-themed organic gemstone that looks good with any outfit.  

Pearls are no longer just a simple strand necklace to be given for at 16th birthday or college graduation anymore.  Freshwater pearls from China and Southeast Asia are inexpensive today, making them a great everyday fashion item.  

Pearls are grown in mollusks using varying sized bead nuclei to begin the culturing process. Freshwater pearls start with a larger bead and are grown in rivers and lakes where faster moving water speeds the culturing process making them cheaper to make and therefore less expensive for the end consumer. Saltwater "akoya" pearls are grown using much smaller bead nuclei, and grow for much longer periods of time.  This makes their "nacre" or outer layers thicker and more lustrous, and more valuable. Saltwater pearls are also generally rounder as the culturing process is more even in still water.  

Many people still prefer to own both varieties of pearls.  Valuable saltwater pearls for special occasions, and funky freshwater pearl jewelry for everyday wear.  Here at Sydney Rosen, we have a wide array of pearl jewelry to suit any taste or budget.  Currently we are stocking tahitian south sea pearls in a variety of darker hues along with our classic white/cream strands.  

Visit us online at to learn about our store, and stop by to see some pearls this summer! 


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