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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Timeless Allure of Diamond Studs

With Mother's Day around the corner, many sons and daughters are scratching their heads as they try to find a gift that will be remembered by their Moms.  Jewelry has always been a traditional Mother's Day purchase, but what kind of jewelry to buy Mom is always a tough decision.  Whenever customers ask me for suggestions as to gift ideas, my gut reaction is always Diamond Stud Earrings.  Diamond Studs are a simple "post" earring that appeal to any woman.  They can be worn everyday, or dressed up for a special occasion.  Most diamond studs earrings are lower clarity diamonds, so that women can wear larger whiter stones in their ears without the high price-tag.  Earrings are also some of the most frequently lost items and having lower quality diamonds in your ears takes some of the anxiety out of wearing them.  That being said, engagement ring quality diamond studs are still popular for those who can afford them.  Many people buy high quality GIA certified stones for their studs, with the intention to use give these diamonds to their children when they are ready to get engaged.  This appeals to Mom's because they feel as if they are contributing the next chapter of their children's lives.    

Every woman needs a pair of these classic earrings in their jewelry box.  So stop by Sydney Rosen Company and see our selection of Diamond Stud Earrings, that are sure to please the special ladies in your life.  Click the link below to see our online selection of stud earrings as well.

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