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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Easier Way To Buy Online

In the ultra-information age that is 2014, it is becoming increasingly more common for engagement ring shoppers to purchase a diamond online.  Whether it is the perceived notion that online prices are lower, or the fear of pushy jewelers pressuring them to buy in the store, the internet has become an increasingly popular marketplace for diamonds.  

However, there are cons to purchasing online as well.  Mainly, you don't get to see the quality of the product you are purchasing before you purchase it.  

We have had many a Blue Nile customer come into our store asking for an appraisal, because they are unsure if they paid for the quality ring that they were delivered.  Sure, if you are buying an extremely high quality diamond, the variance in how these stones will look is miniscule.  But medium quality stones will vary considerably in their appearance.  This is something that a customer will learn if he/she shopped in a store, but that you do not necessarily learn when shopping online.  

An appraisal is another thing that most online retailers do not provide.  Insurance for your engagement ring is an important point that many brick and mortar jewelers will stress when selling you a diamond. Online retailers will provide the Diamond Grading Certificate but not a retail replacement appraisal should there be a loss or damage to the ring.  

Basically, buying online does not provide the services that a physical jeweler will provide for you AFTER the purchase has been made.  

Here at Sydney Rosen, we have a different philosophy to buying online.  Any customer who makes a purchase on can come into the store for a complimentary appraisal.  Furthermore, many of the diamonds listed on our Diamond Search are available to be viewed in our store prior to making a purchase.  All diamond prices listed on our website will be honored when purchasing in the store.  

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