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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Enduring Solitaire

Buying jewelry can be a worrisome experience for some shoppers because it is an item that is often times given as a surprise.  Once a shopper decides on the "category" of jewelry they are looking for (ring, bracelet, necklace earrings, etc) they can then be completely dumbfounded by the incredible variety of different styles available.  This is why the "solitaire" style is still one of the most enduring styles of jewelry year after year.  Solitaire generally means any item of jewelry containing a single stone whether it be diamond, sapphire, ruby or any variety of birthstone.  Solitaire jewelry is a no brainer because it can be worn with any other jewelry or with any outfit.  Engagement ring shoppers who wish to surprise their future fiance will often buy a solitaire ring with the intention of letting her choose the style of band after he proposes.  The setting will be a small fraction of the purchase price and he/she will not have to worry about choosing the wrong style.  Solitaire pendants are also a popular item because they can typically be worn everyday, or for any occasion.  On we have a portal to design your own diamond solitaire pendants, to surprise the loved ones in your life. 

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