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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's in a shape?

Everyday I am constantly struggling with the problem of  what shape diamond to show specific shoppers.  It is easy when a customer comes in with a particular shape in mind, but if they are clueless, the natural tendency is just show them round diamonds.  This is fine for someone who is looking for a classic style such a solitaire, but sometimes you need to ask the customer "what type of girl is is your girlfriend?".  If he responds with anything other than "simple" it might be more beneficial to lead him in the direction of a fancy shape diamond.  Some girls, even the "simple" ones might prefer something with a little unique flare.  Recommend an off the beaten path shape like a Radiant or Asscher cut.  You might even want to show him some shapes that today's shoppers perceive as old such as Pears and Marquise.  This is a great way to unload some older merchandise on a consumer who hasn't made up their minds yet.  For you all you know he/she could see the beauty in something that isn't necessarily "IN" right now.  It is true that the round diamond is the safest bet, but you should not just assume that every girl who hasn't made up her mind about the cut of diamond she likes is just looking for something classic.  She might just be waiting for the right salesperson to show her something unique that really wows her!  You can visit our website to learn more about the different shapes of diamonds.

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