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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's In A Name Anyway?

People unfamiliar with the world of gemology have still probably heard of a few of the most famous gemstones ever cut.  The Hope Diamond, Cullinan Diamond, and Logan Sapphire are just a few of the discoveries significant and exquisite enough to garner a title all their own.  This year's significant gemstone find came in the form of a rare color of Tourmaline called Paraiba Tourmaline.  Tourmaline is most commonly a dark brownish green gem, however it comes in almost any color of the rainbow.
Paraiba Tourmaline, is an electric blue color and is named after the Paraiba region of Brazil where it was first discovered.  It is the rarest of the fancy color of Tourmaline.  

The significant Paraiba find recently yielded at 191.87 carat oval shaped stone that was mounted in this incredible necklace and given its own name:  Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba

While not quite as catchy a name as some of the other significant named gems of the century, I think the whimsical design of the necklace fits the stone it was created for.

Shoppers wishing to adorn themselves in this gemstone will have to pay a pretty penny, however, the much more common gemstone Blue Topaz is a good substitute.  

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