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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Internet Shopping

In todays "Information Age" diamond shoppers are doing a lot of research before actually walking into a jewelry store.  Aside from brushing up on the 4 C's they are also researching prices for items similar to what they are hoping to eventually buy.  While many different websites offer to sell diamonds and engagements directly online, it is a blind item that not many consumers are comfortable purchasing sight unseen.  Prices for internet diamonds are often significantly lower than at traditional retail stores because their is no added benefit of actually seeing the merchandise before making a purchase decision.  Furthermore, the majority of these websites do not actually own the diamonds they are selling!  They are simply a marketing source for diamond dealers around the world to list their diamonds so they can sell them at very small profit margins without having to lift a finger.

Here at Sydney Rosen, we offer the same price advantage as internet stores with the added customer service to go along with it.  Our Diamond Search allows you to choose diamonds that are available to be viewed "in-store" before making a final purchase.  You are still able to purchase direct online from our website, however, we offer you the option to see the merchandise before hand and pick our brains at the same time.

Click on the link below to begin searching our database of over 40,000 diamonds to pick the perfect stone for you bride to be.  Diamonds with a "dot" in the far right column are available to be viewed in-store.

Diamond Search

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