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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Selling Your Diamond

One of the many redeeming qualities of diamonds are their lasting value.  Diamonds are extremely durable, so a diamond that was purchased decades ago may still be in pristine condition and therefore still valuable in the re-sale market.  Diamonds with laboratory reports are the most desirable to a jeweler since they are not guessing the on the weight and quality of the stone, especially since most diamonds offered for re-sale are already mounted.  However, most jewelers are still interested in buying uncertified diamonds from their customers if the stone fits in with the jewelers typical inventory.  

The motivation for a jewelry to purchase diamonds from the public is highest if they can pay less than their usual wholesale cost.  For this reason some jewelers will offer two prices for a diamond, a liquidation price and a consignment price.  The liquidation price is usually lower than the wholesale value of the item, for which the jeweler is willing to pay immediately to purchase the diamond outright. A consignment price is an average wholesale price that the jeweler agrees to pay you for an item left with them for resale.  This is the best way to get the most value for your diamonds, assuming you don't need the money right away or you are not in any hurry to sell them.  A jeweler will pay more on consignment since he is not outlaying any of his/her own money for the diamond.  It may take some time before the item sells, however, the customer can always accept the lower liquidation price, or take it back from the jeweler and try their luck elsewhere.  

Sydney Rosen Company is ALWAYS interested in partnering with our customers to sell their diamonds.  We offer both consignment and liquidation prices, and we will do whatever we can to get you the most value for your stones.  There is never an appraisal charge to examine stones you are interested in selling.  Click on the link below for more information or to inquire with us about selling your diamond.

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