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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Diamond Bracelets

Today's young fashion jewelry shopper is probably looking for something funky and unique in a bracelet to give to his significant other.  Inexpensive materials like lucite, rutilated quartz, and various synthetic materials are being used to create chunky bangles and cuffs to give that extra degree of POP to an outfit.  However, the more mature ladies of our lives (young and old) are probably looking for something more simple and classic to wear with a variety of outfits for any occasion.  This is where the diamond "tennis bracelet" comes in.  Although pretty much any "straight row" diamond bracelet can be considered a tennis bracelet, the most traditional ones are just simply individual diamonds set side by side all the way around your wrist.  Typically they come in 2 or 4 prong varieties depending on the shapes and sizes of the diamonds in the bracelet.  Women love their tennis bracelets almost as much as their wedding sets or their diamond studs.  It is simply put, a "go to" piece that can be paired with any other jewelry in your collection such as a diamond bezel watch.

On we have a wide variety of styles of diamond bracelets to suite any occasion.  Click the link below to browse our selection

Diamond Bracelets

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