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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rare Color Diamonds

For those of you who follow my posts on Facebook, you are aware of my fascination with fine jewelry auctions.  Nowhere else are we able to see such rare and exquisite diamonds from around the world on display.  While the only buyers for these gems are billion dollar diamond companies and  the mega-rich, it is still interesting to see the unbelievable prices these one of kind stones sell for at auction.

Large D color, Flawless or Internally Flawless diamonds always fetch the highest prices at auction, however, recently a new category has captured headlines for the highest prices paid at auction.  RARE COLOR FANCY DIAMONDS.  Below are some pictures of the most expensive fancy color diamonds sold recently:

    Pink Dream

    Pumpkin Diamond

    Premier Blue

While the size of these diamonds is a big factor in their high prices, another huge factor in their value is the SATURATION of their color.  Fancy color diamonds, while rare, are not impossible to find in less saturated tones.  Pink and Blue diamonds that are "Fancy Light" color are not nearly as rare and thus less desirable.  "Fancy Vivid" or "Fancy Intense" color designations make these diamonds truly one of a kind.  Even fancy yellow diamonds that are far more common can be sold for triple the price if their saturation of color is deemed "vivid" or "intense" instead of "light".

What makes a diamond exhibit such astounding color?  Nature of course!  While sapphire and ruby and many varieties of quartz and topaz can be "heated" to increase the color intensity.  It is far more difficult to do in diamond.  Therefore, these rare vivid color diamonds came out of the earth with this color. Which tends to drive collectors to spend millions of dollars per carat on them!  Unfortunately, these stones are usually up for auction in places like New York, Hong Kong, Geneva and London...not Philadelphia.

You can search our inventory of fine fancy yellow diamonds online here:
Fancy Yellow Diamonds 


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  1. Those are beautiful diamonds. I always appreciate learning about and seeing rare gems, including various colors of popular jewels. My husband got me a diamond engagement ring with a pink diamond--a rare find on his part!