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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Plight of the Last Minute Shopper

Last minute holiday shoppers often have the trouble of sifting through jewelry stores only to find all the good gifts are gone.  All that's left are out of style items that are probably leftover from Christmases come and gone.  All that trendy fashion jewelry your jeweler ordered for the holiday...? Snatched up by prudent shoppers who came in before they were finished eating leftover turkey and stuffing.  

Well don't fret!  Hope is not lost.  

Most jewelry designers/manufacturers keep extra stock in their salesman's inventory that can be delivered on "memo" to their most trusted retail jewelers.  This usually happens the last week of the shopping season once the sales staff has returned from delivering goods to their various other retail store accounts.  Below you will find our 2013 selection of "last minute" gems.  Gorgeous gemstone and diamond rings and earrings that have become available today!  THIS IS THE LAST JEWELRY WE ARE GETTING IN FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! GET IT BEFORE IT'S GONE! 

Visit us online at to view our hours and location!  We are open everyday between now and Christmas Eve! 

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